The Company reserves the right to its ability to issue the Guest partial or full refunds for the Yacht Fees. This may happen in some circumstances which are defined below. Please note that they are indicative and not restrictive:
  • The description of the yacht in the Listing on the BednBlue platform is materially inaccurate in respect to, but not limited to: the yacht is not the same as in the photos in the Owner’s Listing, the size of the yacht (e.g. number and size of cabins, toilets) and special amenities or features represented in the Listing’s description are not provided or do not function;
  • The Owner of the yacht cancels a reservation shortly before the scheduled start of the charter or the Captain and, where applicable, the Crew are not in the arranged port/marina on time; and
  • at the start of the Guest’s reservation, the yacht: (i) is not generally clean and sanitary (ii) contains safety or health hazards that would be reasonably expected to adversely affect the Guest’s voyage according to the Company’s judgment, (iii) does not contain clean bedding and bathroom towels available for the Guest’s use.
If something from the above happens to a Guest, they may submit a claim to the Company. Then the Company, strictly at its sole discretion, may refund the Yacht Fees in part or in full. However, the Guest first must comply with the following:
  • The Guest must inform the Company in writing and provide it with information (including photographs or other evidence) about the yacht and the circumstances of the problem within 24 hours after the start of their charter for refund requests over 50% of the Yacht Fees. Otherwise, refund requests for up to 49% of the Yacht Fees can be requested until 48 hours from the predetermined check-out date. In both cases, the Guest must respond to any requests by the Company for additional information or co-operation.
  • The Guest must have made reasonable efforts to try to remedy the circumstances with the Owner or the Captain of the booked yacht prior to making a claim to the Company and
  • The Guest must not have indirectly or directly caused these circumstances (through their action, omission or negligence).
Then the Company, at its sole discretion, may reimburse to the Guest the Yacht Fees in part or in full, depending on the nature of the issue. Whatever the company determines, including but not limited to the size of the refund, is final and binding for both Owners and Guests.
If the Different Terminal Marina Fees have been paid but the Guest(s) decide to check-out either in the checked in marina/port or in the base of the yacht, then the Guest(s) can request the Different Terminal Marina Fees which are refundable.
If the APA Fee has been paid but the Guest(s) expenses during the cruise, are less than the amount paid, then the remaining amount can be refunded upon request. The Guest(s) can request a refund for the remaining amount of the APA Fee within 48 hours of their check-out and not after that period.
The Guests cannot request a refund after 48 hours of their check-out. At that point, the Company and the relevant Owner and Guest will cease to be liable for any such refunds.